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June '13: The new L'Avventura single "7 Discos Of The World" will debut on HBO's True Blood on June 30. We're honored and stoked!

October '12: L'Avventura is back in the studio recording tracks for Summer '13 release.

January '10: Slack-a-gogo posts its Best of '09 list, with LPs from Neko Case, Robyn Hitchcock, and L'Avventura. Check the full list .

December: Powerpoaholic votes "Your Star Was Shining" a Top 10 Album of 09. Thank you!

December: AFutureInNoise votes "Your Star Was Shining" a Top 10 Indie Album of 2009

November: EAR FARM blog features "Your Star Was Shining" in its Friday MP3 picks

October: ExploreMusic puts 'Rocket Sue' in its 5 Songs You Gotta Hear:

September: The Dadada adds "Rocket Sue" to his latest MP3 mixtape: 

August: (Italy) adds L'Avventura to its weekly rotation

July: L'Avventura's 'Rocket Sue' is now on BBC Radio

June 17: largehearted boy features L'Avventura

May 17: San Francisco Examiner review calls 'Your Star Was Shining' "knock your socks off rock"

May: L'Avventura is now on KCRW (Los Angeles)

April 23:  San Francisco Chronicle previews Friday April 24 show 

April 19:  Strangerdance interviews Jeff and Fergus

April 16:  L'Avventura are guests on Pirate Cat Radio at 5pm:  Listen in on 87.9fm or on the web

April 10:  The Ripple Effect reviews 'Your star was shining'highlighting "exquisite songcraft"

April 3:  Indie Rock Cafe reports the LP is "a scrumptious collection of laid back T-rextasy"

Mar 24: AFutureInNoise reviews 'Your star was shining' saying it's "all killer, no filler".

Mar 19:  L'Avventura is playing LIVE on-the-air tonight on KDVS Radio from 11-12. Tune in here 

Mar 18: Bill's Music Forum reviews L'Avventura: "Superb production, memorable melodies"

Mar 14:  Siblingshot on the Bleachers (UK) reviews 'Rocket Sue'  

Mar 11, 09: MyCrazyMusicBlog gives 'Your star was shining' an 8/10 review:
"L’Avventura seems to really know what it is they want to say and ... have the confidence to say it... Bravo! 8 out of 10"

Mar 1, 09:  Mojophenia reviews the new L'Avventura LP, saying:
"exceptional.... an audacious release"

Feb 23, 09:  PowerPopOverdose reviews L'Avventura: 
"incredible debut....this disc begs to be played again and again."

Feb 13, 09: gives 'Your star was shining' a 9/10 review 
"No filler here...a real winner of a doubt it makes my top 10 for 2009"

Feb 9, 09:  Leicester Bangs(UK) recently reviewed 'Your star was shining'
"Great songs are littered throughout... Great stuff"

Feb 5, 09:  StrangerDance blog included L'Avventura's "Rocket Sue" in Part 2 of its top 20 "Best of the Bay Area" tunes. The list also features  Vetiver, John Vanderslice, American Music Club and Rogue Wave

Feb 4:  L'Avventura announces (The Living Room Sessions), a weekly series of live avant-pop music, joined by a variety of musical guests

Jan 27, 09:  TheBayBridged music blog added L'Avventura's "Rocket Sue" to their Monthly Mix 

Jan 21, 09: The fab UK-based InsomniaRadio blog featured the L'Avventura song "Here's to Absent Friends" on its Daily Dose section and streaming music feed. Check out their review of the tune

Jan 13, 09:  L'Avventura is offering FREE Downloads of its new LP, "Your Star Was Shining" until March 1st

Jan 6, 09:  The new LP from L'Avventura, "Your Star Was Shining" is being released on February 15, 2009. It can be purchased on iTunesAmazon, and eMusic . CD copies are available at cdbaby 
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